Pang Zhe Liang


Portfolio Management & Contract Analysis is my forte.

Now, let's gain clarity on your portfolio and achieve your goals together.

Life is Short.

There is no time to regret.

I spent a quarter of my life in school and to find out what to do when I grow up. When I matured, I understood why I was uninsurable since birth - congenital heart disease.

I thought to myself,

What if I am hospitalised? And what if I cannot work till I retire?

In reality, I could not find an answer. Emphatically, these are real fears that I battle with everyday. After I joined the insurance industry (by chance), I understood the value of my role as a responsible consultant and not merely a salesman. In fact, I was motivated to work everyday for the past 8 years. For the most part, I want to meet as many people as I can.

Because I know my story can become a valuable sharing to everyone around me, especially to those whom I care for.

Life Insurance is like a parachute; if you don’t have it the first time you need it, there is no second chance. - Luis A. Ortiz Haddock

This quote depicts my entire life.

Achieve Your Goals.

Life starts counting down the moment you start breathing.

1/4 time gone.

Every mother’s instinct is to protect her baby.

Every child deserves the best healthcare.

Earn interest or pay interest for your child’s education. Choose one.

1/2 time left.

With half the time left before you retire, what do you want to achieve in your life?

Will you rather lose your home or your mortgage?

What if you cannot work till you retire?

1/4 time left.

Who will inherit your assets and legacy?

We Learn Together.

Start Responsible Planning Today!

Will the law speak for your final wishes or turn it into an argument?

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What My Clients Feel about Me

Long Jemeng

He has been an incredible help towards my hospitalisation claims.

Alyse Buitre

Architectural Technician
Pang has been helping me to get prepared for the future. 😀

Anca Lin

Marketing Manager
Zhe Liang took time to understand what I wanted to plan for my little girl and myself. I would highly recommend his service!

IYeu Cheong

IT Consultant
Zhe Liang puts in more time and effort to understand what is needed and what's best for you.

Lee Alex Lee

Taxi Driver
Friendly, hardworking, patient, and most of all responsible. Very experienced in his products.

Alvaro Catolos Jr

What I admire about Zhe Liang is his passion to help his client and to give advice that will suit his client.

Squeena Ng

Having him around will make you feel more assured when it comes to insurance - be it life or savings.

Rajaram Unamaheshwaran

Zhe Liang stands out from others because of his sound knowledge in his field of work.

Sherman Bok

There is always no pressure, and he regularly catches up with me on anything and is always readily contactable.

Geronimo Tomas

Production Assistant
Very responsive and willing to adjust his scheduled plan just to meet up with his client to answer his inquiry.

Pranay Kapoor

Zhe Liang is always more than prompt in reverts and his suggestions are really great.

Masdzurah Mahamud

Database Administrator
I am able to get my claim quickly and efficiently without any delay. Overall, my family and I are very happy with his service.

Eric Yang Jia Wei

Great help in assisting with my claims and detailed explanation for the investment and savings plan!

Jaikumar Raja

Executive Officer
Have depth knowledge on Financial planning and insurance. I strongly recommend him for your Insurance plans.

Kho Liang Ping

Trustable and his explanation towards insurance we bought is pretty detail and understandable.

Nur Syarizan

Always putting clients' mind at ease with how he always follow up with you regularly! 🙂

Mohamad Fahmi

Private Hire Driver
A very good and well-mannered insurance agent who tries to offer the best advice to accommodate to your lifestyle. 😊

Zahir Mohd

Extremely knowledgeable and patient enough to explain in clear detail about any financial queries.

Lim Zhen Yang

A very trustworthy and highly dependable financial consultant whom I can approach at any time of the day.

Christopher Villanueva

Senior IT Executive
Zhe Liang is well customer oriented and knowledgeable in his field.

Jocelyn Villanueva

Administrative Assistant
Every time we have query he is very approachable and he gives us the best advice and solution based on our needs and current situation.

Siti Raudhah

He is someone that will go extra mile to help his clients to achieve the financial goal that anyone desire.

Mickey Myo

Senior Technical Specialist
Pang is the right person who can advise me about personal insurance and to help me to plan for my savings.

Wiswa Naradha

A dedicated financial adviser who truly cares about his clients. Definitely would recommend to contact him for any financial advices.

Mohamed Yusof

Zhe Liang makes sure you are well taken care of and I'm grateful for his efforts.

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